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29 August 2008 @ 04:50 pm

Below is a translation of Shinya Aoki's column:

I went to see Sengoku.

It seemed my associate, Hasegawa who is president of Koubudo [A Japanese MMA training gear company - ], was going to go see the UFC live. "Prez, you going to see the UFC?" He replied, "Are you?" "Of course I'm not going." He asked, "Why not?" "Because if I saw it, I'd end up wanting to get in the octagon!" (laughs)

But, there are a lot of things I want to do in Japan, and I decided I want to go as high as I can go along with the Japanese fans and staff. I don't want there to be misunderstanding because of recent U.S. reports. It's not that America is doing everything right, so that's why there are [also] staff saying "can we do it" [the catchphrase "yarennoka"] in Japan. We are absolutely going to reach the top in Japan again.

Putting that thought aside, I went to root for Kitaoka at Sengoku. Man, Kitaoka is great. Only Kitaoka could create an outlook of the world like his.

When I went to look at his last fight [in Sengoku] against Ian Schaffa on Nikoniko Douga [the Japanese version of Youtube which an unfortunate decision to allow user comments to appear scrolling over the videos - ], the text "KIMOI" [gross/ugly/unpleasant/disgusting] was covering the video so I couldn't see it. I laughed for a long time. But I guess Kitaoka and I have the same bad thing going. I'm often called KIMOI too. It is the highest compliment. Anyway, congratulations on your quick victory! Banzai!

When I got too close to the [solid gold] belt at Sengoku, a security guard warned me, "please don't touch it." Don't worry! I won't touch it, because I can't touch it. (Shinya puts his hands together in prayer that he can have it).

Ah yea, I heard that the American, Jake Shields, is saying "Aoki ran." What the hell are you? A feudal lord? If you were some kinda genius like Michael Jackson, maybe I'd pay you some mind. But you? You can't say that.

So returning to that talk...

I ain't runnin'. I mean, there hasn't even been an offer to fight you. If an offer comes, I'll be happy to fight. Because, I like you, because you're strong! The person giving you the best reputation in Japan is me!!!!! Really, Linda is going to have a problem. I mean, Sensei Jake's tight groundwork will be outclassed and wow'd by my funky groundwork.

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